An hour without my iPhone6.

Over the weekend I dropped my iPhone6 and the screen shattered. I scheduled an Apple Genius Bar appointment at The Grove for early this morning. When I arrived to Apple an associate took my iPhone6, assessed the damage, and told me it would take about an hour to replace.

An hour? Not bad. However, as soon as I left the store I needed to search Yelp for a high rated, decently priced, local salon.

Oh. No iPhone6.

Instead, I walked up to someone and asked if they knew where a good place to get a cut was. Their response was kind and they pointed me in the right direction. Some time later, I found myself needing to search Google Maps for a mart close-by that sells Kombutcha.

Oh. No iPhone6.

Instead, I found a directory board and navigated myself to a mart. After a stroll through the Farmer’s Market, I felt the usual urge to scroll through my social media feeds and check work emails.

Oh. No iPhone6.

Instead, I sat down at a table and hand wrote thank you notes. Mother always enforced how important a hand written thank you note is. Mid-way though writing these notes, I realized I didn’t know how much time had gone by. Let me just check my…

Oh. No iPhone6… or watch for that matter.

Just then, a clock tower started chiming… one, two, three… all the way up to ten. When was the last time you had to count the bell chimes to tell time? I packed up my thank you notes and walked back over to Apple.

I am grateful for that one hour without my iPhone6. It forced me to be resourceful in a way that’s seemingly fleeting, to actually interact with people around me vs those virtually, and to sit with my own thoughts instead of filling mine with others’. Looking back, I don’t think I would have noticed the beautiful little details of the morning otherwise. Like this huge, nasty-ass, spider that had created the most intricate web that lined with dew and sparkled with morning light. Like the dude being dropped off at work by his girlfriend and stepping a few steps away from the car only to turn around to give her another kiss. Or like the little girl locating and pulling the perfect apple from the bottom of the pile causing them to come tumbling down.

Unfortunately, I do not have any photos to show you as I did not have my iPhone6. I did go back to shoot the cover photo though 😉


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  1. Awww, I enjoyed reading that – it’s actually very sweet to read something longer written by you. ^__^ It’s cool that sometimes we have those moments/hours/days when we have the chance to appreciate life without many of the technical stuff we usually use. Like I used to read a lot, not that much anymore. But everytime my computer breaks (yeah, it happens quite often) I am able to read for 7 days or so without many distractions except for work. This isn’t to say that I don’t appreciate the internet and all the people we meet on here – it’s jut nice to sometimes take a break from the modern world. Let’s still hope that your iPhone stays whole for a whole while longer now ^^


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